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Body Butter vs Lotion

Skin is the largest organ of your body. It’s very unique and versatile and in order to maintain it, you need to make sure it being taken care of. With so many different products out there it, hard to determine what suits your skin best. Lotion is popular and used by millions of people but when you toss body butter into the mix, you may wonder what’s the difference and which one is better for me?

For starters, any type of lotion contains 90-95% water and fewer oils to penetrate your skin hence why dry skin types absorb lotions quite rapidly and thenend result looks identical tonhow you began. Body Butters, on the other hand, are made to retain as much moisture as possible so that when it touches your skin, all that stored moisture in the body butter can nourish you skin on a higher level than lotion can. Body Butter also carries less waterand spreads lessin comparison to lotion.

So now you may be asking yourself how do I even know how much moisture my skin needs? Here are a couple of facts you should consider:


I know we hate talking about 'aging' but its apart of life. As we age gracefully, our skin changes as well and with age, moisture levels decrease.


Genes sometimes have an effect on your overall skin health. Some individuals genetically have low moisture levels in their skin.


Your surrounding environment could play a role in retaining moisture in your skin. If you find yourself under an air conditioner or heater for long periods of time, or where you live is extremely cold, those instances could possibly contribute to dry skin. Body Butter will give your skin double the moisture and the nourishmentit needs to look and feel healthier.


You can have the best moisturizer but if you have unhealthy eating habits, your skin may not be reaping the benefits. Food nutrition ties into skincare health so being more aware of what you're putting into your body may help your skin retain moisture more efficiently.

Which ever skin type you may have, it’s important to always know what you’re allowing your skin to absorb. If you’re in need for more skin nutrition & an appropriate level of moisture, Body Butter may be the best route to take. Lotion mainly serves the first layer of skin which is where the moisture retains so if you’re not looking for anything further than that, lotion is the way to go.

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