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Aloe Vera Face Cream

Aloe Vera Face Cream

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Our skin is the largest detoxifying organ which should be protected and nourished.  The Aloe Vera Face Cream consists of simple ingredients that keep your skin clean and hydrated.  The simple ingredients are:


1. Choice of:

Coconut Oil- antibacterial and a natural emollient

Avocado Oil- replenishes dry skin and protects against skin damage


2. Jojoba Oil

Non-comedogenic(does not clog pores)

Hypoallergenic; suitable for all skin types

Controls your natural Sebum(Oil) production


3. Aloe Vera Gel

Moisturizes and heals dry, flaky skin

Fights acne and fad blemishes

Eliminates dead skin cells

Soothes irritated skin

Removes dark circles and puffiness 


Use this moisturizer after the Aloe Face Cleanser and/or as a base before applying makeup primer


*THIS FACE CREAM IS NOT SCENTED in order to maximize on the natural skin benefits it possesses 

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